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Tantric Semantics - bryn williams: UBC theatre grad, drama teacher and musician

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About Bryn

An actor, musician, teacher, husband and father, Bryn has made Vancouver B.C his home for the last 30 years. Bryn's musical career started over a decade ago when he first picked up a guitar and began to write songs with another local actor, David Whitmey. Bryn and David combined their talents with Tycho Frenken in 1996 to form the harmony-based trio 'the vagrants love us'. After several independent releases and countless live busking and coffeehouse performances, the band self-dissolved, leaving Bryn with nothing but a guitar in his hand and songs in his heart. Bryn has finally organized his life enough to begin to record and release these songs that have been haunting his sleepless nights over the last few years. Bryn's lyrics are self-mocking and sometimes self-misunderstood and so he has aptly named this album "Tantric Semantics". Bryn dedicates this album to his wife Joanna and his son (02/05/03) Kaden.